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1)   Shipping costs

6)   Packaging

2)   Delivery time

7)   Accept with reserve

3)   Delivery hours

8)   Shipping with stationary storage

4)   Check your customer data

9)   Failure delivery

5)   How to track the shipment

10) Redirect




1)  Shipping cost


AUTOFORNITURE MANCINI will deliver to customers the products selected and ordered to the site WEB CAR SERVICE by courier and / or forwarding agents or, at the discretion of the company, directly by itself, if it sees fit. It will be charged to the customer a minimum contribution for shipping costs € 10.00, clearly displayed before completion of the order. Shipping costs vary according to the goods ordered and range from a minimum of € 10.00 for parcels weight and standard measurements to a max. of EUR 20,00 per shipment whose weight and dimensions are higher than 50 kg. Shipping prices included are intended for the Italian territory only and do not include the service mark for which, if required, will be charged an additional cost of more € 5.00.


In the area of road transport is taken as the reference standard volume weight ratio 1: 300, that is, it assumes that one cubic meter of commodity weights 300 kg; while air transport is considered the ratio of 1: 200 kg. Shipping rates are calculated based on the total weight or actual weight of the total volume (also called taxable) of all the packages that are part of an expedition. The volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the volume of the neck with the weight-volume ratio required by the contract. For example: if a package weighs 15 kg and measures 50x30x60 cm, multiplying 0.50x0.30x0.60 get 0.09 (volume neck). Multiplying the volume 0.09x300 (weight / volume ratio considered) we obtain the taxable weight of 27 kg.

2)  Delivery time



The Delivery of the material ordered on WEB CAR SERVICE are linked to the availability of stock. Average deliveries are made in 2 days from order. In cases where the goods should not be immediately available in stock, the timing will depend on the availability of the manufacturer, because of this we are not responsible for any delays that may occur. The timing of delivery will never exceed, in any case, those provided by. 6 Leg. 185/1999, always and only if the form of payment was used by credit card. The delivery date valid means the date on the first attempt by the courier, delivery of goods to the recipient, even if the attempt is not successful due to the absence of the addressee or refusal of the goods.


3)  Delivery hours



Couriers efettuano deliveries between 9.00 and 18.00, Monday to Friday and there are no deliveries on appointment.


4)  Check your costumer data


Before completing an order to check that the destination address has street / road / other with number (SNC if absent), correct zip code, city and province. If you want you can indicate fraction / city / other apart. It 'important that signals a contact telephone number for shipping. When in doubt ask for a verification of the data by writing to us visible or by calling Customer Service at 06262262.


5)  How to track the shipment


All shipments made by Autoforniture Mancini are drawn, and you can follow the state the day after the delivery to the carrier.



6)  Packaging


Purchases of individual items of value contents are packaged within a wrapping sheet of bubble wrap (sheets with air bubbles) and wrapped in plastic bags, for multiple purchases or bulky products will pack with a coating of cardboard or by entering the objects inside boxes. If you require special precautions you need to request it before buying the item to see if you can meet your needs. You may have to apply a surcharge. There is no type of economic packaging that allows to have the 100% security to get the parcel exactly in the conditions in which it was sent. It may happen that the packaging has some fold as a result of inexperience couriers.


7)  Accept with reserve


Control of Goods Act of Withdrawal

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check:


- That the number of boxes is the same as indicated on the letter carrier.
- That the packaging is intact, not damaged or wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials (adhesive tape).

Any damage or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately reported to the carrier making the delivery, adding the word "AGREE WITH RESERVE" on 'specific document and giving notice within eight days in one of the following mode:


By registered mail to the following address: AUTOFORNITURE MANCINI of Mancini Massimiliano - Via Tor Sapienza, 179 - 00155 Rome (RM) - ITALY 

By mail at:

By fax to number: 06262696



Despite the packaging intact, the goods must be checked within 24 hours from the day of receipt. Any errors must be reported in the way described above. Each alert over these terms will not be considered. For each statement, the customer assumes full responsibility for the statements. Once signed the slip is the customer can not make any objection about the appearance of the goods.


8)  Shipping with stationary storage


If you have difficulty in being available for the withdrawal of the packages, and you have a person who can get them for you, you can send off purchases at the branch of the Corriere nearest you. In that case you will need to set the address of the branch (C / O Without Luggage Courier on .., locations ...) but include your telephone number and the name of who will collect the neck. Each branch has different schedules, contact your to know them and make sure the neck is already available.


9)  Failure to Deliver


When the courier goes to deliver the package if you are not available should leave a notice. You have two days to contact him to gain possession. Then the package will go automatically in stock and will be required to bear the costs of the practice (10,00 €).


10)  Redirect


If you decide that you can be more easily delivered at a different address, you can submit a written request by mail, write to If the new address has the same zip code of the one who had been sent prior to shipment, there are no additional costs. If the CAP is different you must check. And 'you can request to withdraw the goods ordered at no extra cost it postage, directly at our office in Via Tor Sapienza, 179-00155 Rome (RM), upon written request.


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